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Islands are unique ecosystems, the famous ‘natural laboratories’ cherished by ecologists and evolutionary biologists for their simplicity – reduced species diversity, including less predators and parasites, and limited area and number of habitats. These characteristics of islands lead to parallel patterns of evolution and we have been using the replicates provided by islands around the world to investigate patterns of adaption in life-history, morphological and behavioural traits. This has been done with several people, including Matthieu Paquet, Louis Bliard, Claire Loiseau, Aloïs Robert and Martim Melo. Currently, through the work of Raquel Ponti and Ana Leitão, we are focusing on two projects that tackle the mechanisms underlying morphological and colour evolution in island birds

Unravelling the ecological and molecular mechanisms of morphological evolution in island birds (Raquel Ponti, CIBIO)

Evolution of Female Ornamentation: a comparative and experimental approach using island birds (Ana Leitão, CIBIO)


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