Liliana Silva

Liliana Silva

Personal Jorney

MSc Data Science and MSc Biodiversity, Genetics & Evolution.

Research Interests

With a biological and computer science background, my scientific interest shifted from looking to how animals relate (e.g., cooperation, dominance, networking) to how to improve the way we look at it. I’m puzzled by recent advances in technology through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and how they can be applied to the field of Behavioural Ecology to ease and improve our research significantly, while enabling us the accomplish tasks we once though impossible.


Selected Publications

Ferreira, A.C., Silva, L.R., Renna, F., Brandl, H.B., Renoult, J.P., Farine, D.R., Covas, R., Doutrelant, C. (2020). Deep learning-based methods for individual re-identification in small birds. Methods Ecol Evol. 11:1072–1085

Ferreira, A.C., Covas, R., Silva, L.R., Esteves, S.C., Duarte, I., Fortuna, R., Theron, F., Doutrelant C., Farine, D.R. (2020). How to make methodological decisions when inferring social networks. Ecology and Evolution. 00:1–12

Silva, L.R., Lardy, S., Ferreira, A.C., Rey, B., Doutrelant, C.,Covas, R. (2018). Females pay the oxidative cost of dominance in a highly social bird. Animal Behaviour. 144:135-146

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